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David Wojnarowicz: Flesh of My Flesh

David Wojnarowicz is one of the most important artists emerging from the New York art world of the 1980’s. While his work spanned less than 20 years—his life was cut short due to AIDS at the age of 37—he created a large body of work in collage, painting, performance, sculpture, writing and video. The exhibition at Iceberg Projects in 2018, David Wojnarowicz: Flesh of My Flesh, is the first solo show of the artist in Chicago, focusing on corporeal themes and motifs that he used throughout his career.

The book is richly illustrated and documents the exhibition at Iceberg Projects, the film program at the Block Museum at Northwestern University, and the transcipt of Dr. Daniel S. Berger and Barry Blinderman in conversation. It also includes essays of Dr. Berger, Elijah Burgher, and Wendy Olsoff.

Barry Blinderman and Daniel Berger on David Wojnarowicz from Block Museum on Vimeo.

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Militant Eroticism – The Art+Positive Archives

This book is the first survey of the art and practice of Art+Positive, a significant affinity group of ACT UP New York during the early years of the AIDS epidemic. Staging self-initiated actions, and also participating in larger demonstrations organized by ACT UP, Art+Positive practiced an improvisational approach to activism at the intersection of the AIDS crisis and the culture wars of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Their multiplatform projects were especially focused on fighting AIDS phobia, censorship, homophobia, misogyny, and racism within the art world. Members, collaborators, and contributors to Art+Positive included artists Lola Flash, Nan Goldin, Aldo Hernández, Zoe Leonard, Ray Navarro, Hunter Reynolds, Catherine (Saalfield) Gunn, Julie Tolentino, and David Wojnarowicz.

The Art+Positive archives, assembled by Hunter Reynolds in the mid-1990s, were out of public view for more than twenty years. Art collector and HIV/AIDS researcher Dr. Daniel Berger acquired the group’s archives in early 2015. Shortly thereafter, he and artist John Neff presented an exhibition of the archives at Iceberg Projects, Chicago. ”Militant Eroticism: The ART+Positive Archives” documents that exhibition and is extensively illustrated with artworks, documents, protest ephemera, and meeting notes from the Art+Positive archives.

Also included are essays by Berger, Neff, and former ACT UP member and scholar Debra Levine. These essays are presented alongside previously unpublished writings by Ray Navarro, Hunter Reynolds, and David Wojnarowicz.

ISBN 978-3-95679-365-3

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The First Year: HIV: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

This supportive resource by Brett Grodeck with forward by Dr. Daniel Berger explores the next generation of HIV/AIDS drugs and also includes new research on HIV and crystal meth, as well as new insights for the hardest hit population — African Americans.

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David Wojnarowicz Flesh of My Flesh

David Wojnarowicz: Flesh of My Flesh

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